Join Us

Held Gear is forming a network of artists, designers, fabricators, influencers, and hustlers, from the ground up.

Relaunching from scratch means we share the wealth on faith our efforts will pay off. Held delivers a proven product, with a complete brand concept and identity built-in. If you dig it, you can see what is possible here, you need no persuasion.

Send an email if you fill any roles listed below.

Sales Representative – Help people discover Held products by setting up shop at art markets/festivals, and by reaching out to your local stores to find the ideal wholesale customers.

Designer – Blow minds by introducing new Held products, sourcing new materials, or finding new belt concepts. Bring your idea directly to market. If it is durable and vegan, it is Held, it can be anything.

Media Professional – Fashion as business is highly industrial while having all the operations of a media and entertainment company. This network can be a side hustle, like a small agency. If you can produce content to build the Held brand, we should talk.

Business and Marketing – The ins and outs only get more complex as things grow. The artists who launch a company can only take it so far. Help guide Held through the markets and sustain its growth with good old fashioned marketing and business savvy.