Repair and Customize

Held offers workshop service without a public shop. Send your item in for customization and maintenance, have tailored items made, and inquire about outfitting services.

All you have to do is notify the shop using the contact form and ship the item to 8001 Castor Avenue PMB #328, Philadelphia, PA 19152.

Please detail the requested work in the email and confirm that we can fulfill it. If it’s a go, send away.

New customization work is available. If you have a special belt buckle that you need a custom build for, please contact and see if we can do it.

If you need a set of tailored belts for a special occasion, or other outfitting work, please contact.

Replacing failing snaps, punching in new grommets on old notches, adding notches; any adornment available on this website can be purchased in a stand-alone way, meaning a spike or grommet order can be purchased with return shipping paid at checkout.

Held Gear is about durability and reuse. You can stretch the life of a belt, or other gear, with maintenance and new reinforcements. It is worth it.