Held Gear was founded in 2008 by Micah Perry, in Portland, Oregon, with a single waist belt design made from recycled conveyor belt top layering. Over time, he developed a variety of accessories, earning thousands of customers with top-rated status on Etsy and Amazon.

Thanks to the quality and popularity of his classic design, the company remained successful despite compounding health challenges through 2020.

While visiting Arizona routinely, friend Sean Ongley threw his hat in the ring to buy the business out, with no money up front, only heart. Naturally, Micah slept on it.

They decided to take a leap of faith together.

Micah goes by Twin now, he enjoys living on his land in Why, Arizona, broadcasting a low-power FM signal with no sponsorship, entirely for the joy it brings him and his community, from frequency 106.9.

Sean is now committed to carry out the dream of producing industrial strength vegan gear handmade in America.

Please review our blog and contact page for more information, news about the relaunch, and more.