About Held

Held Gear is an owner-operated fashion brand based in Philadelphia, PA, sourcing durable USA-made materials never derived from animals.

It was founded on a vision for a more sustainable future by vegan artist activist Micah Perry, in 2007. Micah diverted short cut unused conveyor belting from the landfill to innovate the Held Vegan Belt, as well as wrist cuffs and collars.

Micah began selling his new product at local markets, and in 2008 established a retail storefront on Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon, as well as an online store with the new marketplace Etsy.com.

In addition to the retail front, Portland Saturday Markets, St. Johns Farmer’s Market, and special events for artisan and vegan vendors, Micah produced and sold thousands of belts and cuffs.

Also in 2008, Micah was diagnosed with cancer. Treatment protracted for over a decade. He persevered with the help of his community, first moving the retail shop closer to home, but ultimately closing it in 2012. The business scaled down but survived online, expanding to Amazon, earning five-star reviews just like the Etsy store.

In 2017, Micah relocated to the village of Why, Arizona. He lives a healthy, peaceful life, running a low powered “pirate” FM signal at 106.9 FM, with an informal wildlife refuge adjacent to preserved indigenous land.

In 2022, he decided to give up the brand to see it move into a new era, recognizing that its mission was more relevant than ever.

Today, Held Gear is owned and operated by myself, Sean Ongley.

I got my first held belt in 2009. I helped him close the storefront in 2012. I visited him every winter in Arizona since 2018, the same year that I moved from Portland to Philadelphia. In 2022, when I learned he wanted to pass on the brand, I volunteered to do it.

Today, I proudly carry on the Held legacy with its classic product line, focused on belts, wrist cuffs, and collars. I am seeking new designs within that category, as well as opportunities to expand into apparel.

This brand always stood against the tide of fast fashion and will only reinforce itself as a standard bearer for ethics in apparel.

No designs were assigned a gender, none were derived from animals, and all of it is built to last, by hand, using domestically sourced materials. It is durable, handmade from USA-sourced components, with options for everyone.