Durable American-Made Gear For Everyone Ⓥ

Held Gear is an owner-operated fashion brand based in Philadelphia, PA, sourcing durable USA-made materials never derived from animals.

Coordinate cuff, collar, and belt sets.

Customize your piece with grommets, spikes, buckles, and more.

The signature Held Belt was introduced in 2007 as a recycled product. The strap is fabricated from American-made industrial conveyor belting and comes in a variety of textures and colors.

These repurposed straps are the toughest vegan belts on the market and are made from common fashion materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon, and naturally-derived nitriles.

Quality steel and brass hardware is sourced from American distributors and assembled with hand-powered tools, in Philadelphia. Production requires electricity except lighting, and the workshop is offset with renewables from the Pennsylvania Energy Co-op.

Under new ownership as of May this year, the brand is recovering its familiar product line while developing new products and styles. Straps are only the beginning.