Customize & Repair

Held Gear offers workshop service by mail.

From a workbench in Philadelphia, all Held belts are built using hand powered tools. This is why customized orders by mail is not so different from walking into a shop on Main Street.

  • Customize your new or old belt.
  • Tailor one or more belts for a precise fit.
  • Repair an old belt made by Held or anyone else.
  • Submit an original design to be made just for you.

One-Year Product Guarantee

Held products are built to last. If there is a material failure in the integrity of any Held Gear product within one year of purchase, please ask for a free repair.

Please reference this return policy if you believe you have a defective product and it was purchased within 45 days of the present.

For items older than 45 days, contact for repair service.

Tailoring and Customizations

Tailored belts can be ordered for individuals or groups, from new strapping or used, it is just a matter of communication.

Just send an email to get the ball rolling.

If you have a special buckle, any held belt design can be modified to conform to the particular dimensions of your buckle.

Adornments are available as add-ons from the shop, here.

To make any idea of your own come to life, all you have to do is notify the shop using the contact form.