Customize & Repair

Held Gear offers workshop service by mail.

From a workbench in Philadelphia, all Held belts are built. This is why customized orders are always on the table.

Tailored belts can be ordered for individuals or groups, from new strapping or used, it is just a matter of communication.

Just send an email to get the ball rolling.

  • Customize your new or old belt.
  • Tailor a belt to a precise measurement for any number of people.
  • Repair an old belt made by Held or anyone else.

Please reference this page if you believe you have a defective product.

Adornments like grommets and spikes can be ordered with shipping included directly from the shop, here.

Customizations can range from easy things like notches added or enlarged, custom builds for special buckles, even your own designs can be made.

All you have to do is notify the shop using the contact form.