Standards & Ethics

The Promise Held

Since 2008, all products offered by Held Gear are made to last, sourced in the USA, never derived from animals.

American-made means stronger labor and environmental controls and the inertia of our dollars going faster and further in supporting small business and the communities we actually live in.

Vegan means that no living thing was coerced into giving its life, or treated with cruelty, toward the production of this product.

All products are assembled by hand, packaged with recycled materials, and shipped from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Components are sourced through American distributors. Direct trade is preferred, but that is not often possible.

Distributors must declare the origin of their catalogue items. Product listings include a breakdown of national sourcing under “Components.” See example below.

The above example comes from a belt made on an American strap, with a Taiwanese buckle, and an Italian belt keeper. All three nations rank among the highest in human rights, economic, labor, and environmental standards.

Ready-made apparel items are exclusively sourced from manufacturers who produce textiles in American factories.

Berry Compliant materials are sourced when possible

Some products may be made with recycled and refurbished materials, and those will be noted in the product description.

Assembly Standards

All Held Gear products are assembled by hand with passive mechanical tools, from a workbench in Philadelphia, PA. Irregularities are to be expected, given this small-scale build process.

Belts may include irregularities not exceeding 1/16 of an inch. For example, belt notches should fall exactly in the middle of the strap (+/- 1/16″) from edge to edge. Furthermore, if designed that each notch is one inch apart, then these should also land within 1/16″ of each other.

The same standards are held for the installation of spikes, grommets, buckle grooves, and so on.

Ready-made apparel is sold when egregious defects are detectable upon inspection, either from the factory or from the local merchandiser who printed, or otherwise augmented, blank clothing.

Irregular or damaged products and garments may be purchased with discounted pricing.