How to Size Your Belt

Held belts are designed to fit you just right, at the middle notch. It is easy to order the wrong size, that’s why this video makes it easy to get the ideal fit.

You can triangulate your size with dressmakers tape, a correct pant size, and an existing belt. If you only have one of those three, you can still wager a good guess.

Refer to Your Pants

If you have absolutely no way to measure, observe your pant size and match it or round up one inch.

If the pant size is an odd number, round up one inch. In this video, the pants are loose from age, even though my waist is larger than the size on the tag. I know, it’s weird.

If the pants fit quite nicely at an even number, that is the belt you want, and it is probably your measurement too.

Women’s pants do not correlate to waist size, so this point applies mostly to men’s wear.

Fit an Existing Belt

For this method, you can use any belt that notches up tight on your waist. After that, you need a yard stick or measuring tape.

The distance between the buckle’s prong and the notch that fits you is approximately your waist size.

Official Held Belt Sizing Chart

Measure Your Waist

This is the absolute best way to measure for the right belt, but it does require dressmakers tape.

See the video to understand where to measure. It is important to measure at the hip bone, as this is where pants and belts traditionally rest.

You can substitute dressmakers tape with rope or string. Simply mark the point on the string that meets back up to your hip after wrapping around, then measure that with a yard stick or measuring tape.

Ordering The Right Size

If you have all three of these numbers, then you are surely ready to put in your next Held belt order.

The tightest notch on your belt should be equal to or one inch smaller than the actual measurement of your waist.

Standard issue designs are made in small batches to keep an inventory ranging between sizes 28 and 38, accommodating waists from 26 to 40 inches.

Custom tailored orders are always available, just contact the shop directly.

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