Fashion Show Friday!

For the first time in many years, Held Gear is participating in a fashion show. This August 12, we will be combining forces with two artists to show the range of styles that these products coordinate with.

Leaning toward the hip hop and street clothes fashion, we’re working with Bullshitforsale. The brand is humorous, the name is tongue and cheek. He cuts up thrift shop scores into complete one-of-a-kind pieces, and our Mammoth and Snow Ermine straps will cut through the mosaic styles he crafts.

Swinging toward goth and punk with a twist of dark magic, Cult Ties will be presenting one ensemble and is modeling the black strap known as “classic.” She produces hand knit apparel and more crafts.

To be determined at rehearsal, other models will sport the Auroch and Summer Sky sets.

Standardizing a belt, cuff, and collar set for every primary Held strap, while showing them in a runway setting is a milestone for this brand. The sets have always been there, but presented like an ensemble, it hasn’t been done yet.

Micah and I were there in Portland, Oregon when it was young, gritty limitlessly creative, and I haven’t felt that energy for over a decade, until now in Philadelphia. Held Gear is lucky to be here.

The show is produced by Bigbootybotanist, a Temple University student making the most of her summer. It is her first fashion show but she is determined to keep on with event production.


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