On the Use of Cryptocurrency

Some might believe that the use of cryptocurrency is a burden on the environment and our energy system and that contradicts the intention behind Held Gear.

The truth of the energy system and environmental consequence from industrial activity is more complicated than a unit of energy in and a unit of carbon out.

Bitcoin mining especially requires massive energy, this fact has monetized an area of waste that the people have long ignored: The Grid. In addition to energy loss over distance, there is waste at the production facilities.

Energy production is dissipated for no purpose as capacity overruns market demand. Bitcoin is one solution to this problem, utilizing excess energy to create a universally accessible banking system.

The American Dollar is oil. It is not separable, in terms of its power, or carbon footprint. That era is changing and Held Gear is committed to a decentralized future, healthy ecosystems, and American manufacturing at once.

Held is producing something in America with materials from American manufacturers. The material itself is low-impact and can be sourced as waste product in pieces too small to sell in the standard market.

Bitcoin and Litecoin are the longest surviving proof-of-work networks that are truly decentralized and operated by the public, and it utilizes a waste product: surplus energy. This is what Held is all about and this company is proud to accept these units immediately.

Additionally, Shiba Inu is accepted at checkout. Although it is a meme coin, it has value being supply-capped with low transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

All payment solutions for this web shop are facilitated by WooCommerce, with cryptocurrency features provided by CoinPayments tied to a CoinBase wallet.

If you believe another unit should be accepted, or no crypto should be, please contact us with a strong argument why.

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