Production to Resume Soon

Last week, the deed was done. I met up with Founder Micah (Twin) in Why, Arizona, spending two nights and three days on his wildlife refuge. Proceeds from Held Gear will benefit his community work.

I captured video and photos every step of the way. The goal is to cut a little documentary together about the experience.

In addition to more than 50 units counted on his floor, we can nearly double that after I finish building up existing materials for a new batch of Mammoth, Auroch, Groove, and Sky belts.

I will purchase new classic black belt material from our fabricator and this will be the first design to go back into production after the above mentioned pieces are complete.

Contacts for scrap belt material will be redeveloped. It turns out the same manufacturer that Twin worked with in Portland, Oregon has another site in the Philadelphia suburbs. This whole thing is kismet.

These steps will take place over the course of May. First thing is to build and ship what I can, here in Tucson, today. Next is to complete the transfer of assets to Philly. When that is successful, it’s simply a matter of setting up my shop at home and pushing ahead.

The community around this brand is beginning to develop again. It is wonderful to behold.

Full inventory on May 6, 2022, on Twin’s floor.

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