Day Jawn is our Grand Opening in Philadelphia

Kismet is the first event that I applied to as a local vendor, this coming June 4, Held Gear will have a booth at Day Jawn, put on by FRNDS Studios. It is a pop up mall of local vendors in the ambience of North Portland’s sculpture gardens, with the ambience of great local DJ’s.

Following the Day Jawn is Night Jawn, at the warehouse on Watts, it keeps the DJ night going as a stand-alone event.

Speaking for myself as the new owner, Sean, I love music above all, and I love to dance. I love real, gritty spaces, and creative people. I cannot imagine a better event to reintroduce Held in Philly than this event.

I also cannot imagine a better built-in celebration for myself. I cannot wait to make a bunch of new friends and party together.

Held Gear is moving fast regardless of any sales that may or may not happen at Day Jawn. I believe we’ll move a good chunk of inventory, but I quickly establishing new and scrap material to establish Held Belts inside main street retailers across the U.S., while maintaining consistent inventory online.

Sales have been happening. Customers were very gracious about my hiccups along the way. Held is coming back. And I love it.

Saturday June 04
3-10 PM
Day Jawn
1717 N. Hancock Street, Philadelphia

Advance Tickets on Eventbrite

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