Livestream Interview of HELD Founder Micah Perry with New Owner Sean Ongley

Livestream interview with Sean Ongley

Watch the new owner of Held Gear discuss the life and times of founder Micah Perry, learning why he decided to transfer his business to Sean Ongley.

Over the next week, the baton will be passed in the form of training Sean (that’s me) on how to build a belt. The last scraps of material will be sufficient to produce a few more units, in addition to the 35 currently for sale on this website and the Etsy shop.

Items can be backordered exclusively on this shop, while all items sold at Etsy are guaranteed to be in stock.

Please watch this video in its entirety if you care about HELD as a brand, its ethics, and you want to understand where it came from and where it is going.

This isn’t the whole picture but its a good conversation and you get to know us. We are spiritual, ethical, anarchists.

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